About Us

Expertise and experience is an essential requirement for any blogger, and my association with research and development of projectors gave me the foundation to create this blog. My name is Henry Larson, and I have been working in this industry for the most part of my professional career. I have worked at several levels, but I was mostly associated with the R&D team of different projector manufacturers. My main aim is to direct people to the best projector available in the market that meets their requirements.

I invest a lot of time researching and testing each and every projector I put on the list so that none of my readers would be disappointed with my suggestion. Since I was aware of the working and hardware of the projector, so it has been helpful for me during the evaluation of different projectors. In this article, you will find everything you want and fulfill your dream of having large-screen entertainment. If you have any further queries regarding my blogs, you can contact me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Origin Story

From the beginning of my teenage years, I had a considerable inclination towards gadgets, especially visual devices like projectors and TV. I was always fascinated by large-screen entertainment, and projectors and TV are the only gadgets that fulfilled my desire. I also had a considerable knack for different technologies and modern devices, so I was always exploring different devices. My dad was fond of electronic devices, so I had huge access to different gadgets and appliances. It wasn’t long that I decided to grow a career based on electronic products.

I had a little workshop in my backyard, where I tried my hands on different types of products, which deepened my knowledge and interest in gadgets. After passing high school, I did my major in electronics and got placed in a large electronics manufacturing company. Since my entry, there is no looking back, and gradually I moved to different other reputed companies associated with the manufacturing of projectors.

Gradually I rose through the ranks, but the chance of sharing my knowledge was limited. Moreover, I had little contact with the customers and understood their demands. So in order to share my knowledge and help people who are in technical need, I opted to put an end to my professional job.

The Beginning Phase

In the beginning, I took some time off and decided to take it slow as I had a long journey in my professional career. My dad supported my decision and asked me to come up with a plan to help people with my knowledge. I was researching on the internet about various technical aspects, and it gave me many ideas. Many of my friends helped in understanding different visual technologies that would shape the electronic market.

Soon I started exploring different projectors and gathering knowledge that was new to me. In my pursuit to share my knowledge, I got the idea of writing a blog that serves as the most useful medium to reach a large number of users. I shared my thought of starting a blog with parents and friends, and they helped me out to create a website where I can post all my blogs. My dad helped me with the name while my friends helped in designing the website so that it can offer a great user experience.

The Main Journey

My main aim was to help people in buying the top projectors rather than wasting their money on products that are not worth it. The projector market is complex, and through my site, I was gradually providing the guidance that was needed. At first, there was a little amount of engagement with the users. But with time, my website became popular among netizens, and soon I was able to build a good relationship with a large reader base.

Through my blog, I not only provide a list of top projectors but also provide buying guides, installation methods, connecting projectors to other devices, and many more. Whether you are using a projector for a long time or planning to get your first projector, I can guide you in every step so that you can get the projector of your choice.

I regularly update my list so that you get the latest product available in the market. I always try to make your buying as simple as possible so that you can focus on your requirement rather than anything else. As a new user, it is not easy to evaluate a projector, especially when the market is filled with thousands of options. This is why I always provide a detailed and unbiased review of projectors that gives proper insight into the products. I like to keep things simple rather than offering sponsored products; I suggest projectors that are entirely valued for money.

The Primary Goal

When you desire a cinematic experience at home, a projector is an excellent option as it is easy on the pocket and lets you achieve different sizes based on your requirement. Our goal is to provide you the perfect projector that will give you the ideal visual experience while you gather in the living room with your family members. Your time at home should be as entertaining as possible, and the projector can give you a relaxing time on weekends.

Our primary goal is to stop you from wasting money on unnecessary projector and invest in the top product that suits your needs. Through the blog, I just want to share my knowledge and experience so that you won’t have to spend your crucial time finding the right projector. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite projector as soon as possible.