Best Motorized Projector Screen for 2024

Have you thought about buying an electric motorized projector screen? Maybe you’re in the market for one. If so, congratulations. You’ve taken the first step toward an upgrade that will improve your viewing experience and de-clutter your life.

When it comes to entertainment, nothing beats a proper screen. Immerse yourself in your favorite movie with a Motorized Projector Screen. Instead of watching on a laptop or smartphone, you’ll be blown away when watching on a 150” display screen with Hollywood-style surround sound.

We have compiled a list of some best-motorized projector screens that have what it takes to help you make the right decision.

Best Motorized Projector Screen: Our Top Picks

Optoma HD28HDR
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • Response Time: 8.4ms
  • Resolution: 1080p
Optoma HD146X
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • Response Time: 16ms
  • Resolution: 1080p
BenQ HT3550
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • Response Time: 8.4ms
  • Resolution: 4K
Optoma UHD50X
  • Refresh Rate: 240Hz
  • Response Time: 16ms
  • Resolution: 4K
Epson 2220
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • Response Time: 16ms
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • Response Time: 8.4ms
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • Response Time: 16ms
  • Resolution: 4K

The 5 Best Motorized Projector Screen of 2024

1. Elite Screens ELECTRIC125H Spectrum Motorized Projector

Elite Screens ELECTRIC125H Spectrum Motorized Projector

Without a doubt, Elite Screens ELECTRIC125H serves as the go-to choice for most users who are looking to buy an electric projector screen for home entertainment. From 4K videos to full HD 3D movies, this screen is compatible with most resolutions to treat you with a theater-like experience.

Thanks to the 1.1 screen gain and MaxWhite 2 material, you will have not only a bright output but also color-rich and high contrast images. The fully black-backed front projection with a 180-degree viewing angle is a big highlight of this screen as they ensure minimal loss of light and a clear view from every direction.

Most importantly, it gets a 125inch screen size and 16:9 aspect ratio that make it fully compatible with a home movie theater. This screen is relatively straightforward to install on the wall or ceiling as it comes fully assembled and carries the installation kit. You can use it whenever you want, and the credit goes to the IR remote with a 3-wall switch that makes the screen swift to operate.

What We Liked:

  • It offers terrific quality for 4K and 3D videos.
  • Visuals are rich in color and have high contrast.
  • Simple setup.
  • Multi-aspect ratio.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is slightly more expensive than its peers.

2. VIVOHOME Auto Motorized Projector Screen 100 inch

VIVOHOME Auto Motorized Projector Screen 100 inch

Are you thinking of introducing a remote control projector screen in your new entertainment room? You can consider VIVOHOME Auto Motorized Projector Screen 100 inches. With an expanding capacity of up to 100inch screen sizes, you can consider this screen for your home entertainment with a maximum of ten people.

It is integrated into a motor and pre-wired power cord with a dedicated switch that makes drop and rise an effortless task. You even operate the screen from your sofa with the help of a radio frequency remote offering proper responsiveness. Like its operation, you will be impressed by its solid metal casing that ensures not only durability but also dual installation both in the wall and ceiling.

Made from a premium PVC matte white screen offering 1.1 gain and a yellow-staining free surface, you can stay assured that you will feel like you are watching a movie on a large TV. It even gets a 160-degree wide viewing angle so that you can have a clear view even if you are sitting in the corner.

What We Liked:

  • Swift and lag-free motorized screen function.
  • The screen offers a great image reproduction.
  • The casing is quite incredible.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It starts wearing out after some months of usage.

3. Akia Screens Motorized Drop Down Projector Screen

Akia Screens Motorized Drop Down Projector Screen

When you consider going for the finest in-ceiling projector screen, you can’t ignore the highly rated Akia AK-MOTORIZE104V1. It is a wide 104inch screen coupled with an aspect ratio of 4:3 so that you can have the best viewing experience possible. Whether you have a high-end or budget projector, it doesn’t matter because it can comfortably display 4K UHD and 3D contents without causing degradation.

The 1.1 screen gain and entirely black-backed projection ensure that you have a remarkable brightness and color output. Most importantly, this screen is GreenGuard Gold certified and has a 180-degree view angle, thus making sure you don’t have any room to complain.

What we liked most about this screen is the ease of installation it offers, and you can easily install it on the wall or ceiling with the installation kit. It comes with a long-range remote and 12V wireless trigger that allows you to pull down / up the screen whenever you want. Thanks to the tubular motor, the screen pulls down and up process is relatively smooth and fast.

What We Liked:

  • It maintains an excellent visual presentation.
  • The motors work smoothly and quickly.
  • Extremely easy to set up.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Durability is a big concern.

4. YODOLLA 120inch Motorized Projection Screen

YODOLLA 120inch Motorized Projection Screen

Yodolla 120inch motorized screen might not seem like a highly efficient device due to lack of popularity, but in reality, it serves as an excellent option for your high-end device. It comes packed with both ceiling and wall mount, and you can easily mount it wherever you want without worrying about its 19.6lbs eight.

The top panel is powered by a heavy-duty motor that drops and lifts up the screen within a few seconds and that too without any jamming. What’s new? The engine doesn’t make much now while operating and gets an auto-lock mechanism that locks the screen length according to your preference.

The whole mechanism is coupled to an advanced power connection that reduces any chance of a short circuit. Besides smooth operation, you get resolution support up to 4K and 160-degree viewing angles. However, it is the 1.2 gain and three layers of fabric that make this retractable projector screen standout as it promises best-in-class image quality.

What We Liked:

  • Overall, light reflection is exceptionally great.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Powerful and low-noise motor.
  • You can lock the screen length at any point and continue with your projection.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It lacks any warranty coverage.
  • It only gets a single aspect ratio format.

5. Kayle 120″ Motorized Projector Screen

Kayle 120″ Motorized Projector Screen

Kayle 120inch motorized screen is not your usual product in the market; instead, a powerful screen that operates smoothly and also offers great visualization. It is based on a high-end material offering 1.2 gain and 3-layer black back so that you get high-quality visuals whenever you use the screen.

The screen material has a premium texture; thus, you would have an immersive experience for all your movies. A top-notch like this won’t disappoint you in resolution or 3D support as it holds the capacity to play up to 4K. Maintenance is a big issue with the screen but not with this one as you can easily clean it with normal water.

It is a plug-and-play screen that comes pre-assembled with all the kits. You can opt for ceiling or walls with this motorized projector screen ceiling mount. A unique feature of this screen is the energy-efficient motor that operates smoothly during the screen folding and expanding process.

What We Liked:

  • Entirely value for money.
  • The motor is silent and powerful.
  • You can mount it without much hassle.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The power cord length is short.
  • The wall switch can be challenging to reach for short people.

Before we put an end to this guide, we want you to go through some crucial information that will help you to make a better judgment.

Why are motorized projector screens better than other screens?

As it turns out, motorized projector screens have advantages over traditional ones, not even considering the time saved from operating them without human intervention. For instance, with motorized screens, people can avoid the hassle of having to set up and carry traditional screens from one room to another.

This is perfect for theaters that would like to shift between live events and movies without the extra setup work needed from personnel. Likewise, in schools that have multiple rooms for lectures and events, motorized screens would be a great help when trying to save time. Motorized projector screens are also ideal for wedding parties as they look sleeker than ordinary projector screens.

This is really a boon for people who are looking for the right kind of screen to use or rent in various circumstances. It’s all about being able to get the most out of a given product and warranty, even if the screen happens to be motorized and used for various purposes.

Of course, this also applies when it comes down to projecting onto electronic boards. Not only do projection screens come in useful in homes with large television sets and home theaters, but they can also be the best options for video gaming as well. Anything that requires projecting onto a surface is perfect for powered projector screens because of its simplicity and convenience of use.

However, the main problem lies in the budget, and most motorized screens come with an expensive price tag. Importantly, if the motor that is expanding and contracting the screens goes kaput, then the whole screen will be rendered useless.

Buying Guide For Motorized Projector Screens

An electronic projector screen is just like another screen that can be rolled up and down automatically with the help of a motor. They are like an investment, so you can’t go wrong when you buy them. Here is a detailed buying guide that will help you to choose the right screen that will perfectly cater to your need.

Ease of Installation

Most people opt for a motorized screen because it automatically expands the screen with a touch of a button. These types of screens need to be mounted on the wall or ceiling, and once they are installed, you won’t have to worry about anything.

However, if you want complete ease of installation, then you need to go for a portable electric movie screen. Unlike regular models,  this type raises the screen from the base, thus making it much more convenient for you to set up the screen for movie nights.

Screen Size

Another critical factor that should come into consideration is the screen size of the motorized display. Many people often go for the biggest screen available even when they don’t need it and end up paying a considerable amount of money. You should decide the screen size according to your need and the area where you will place the screen.

It would be better to consider the throw distance of your projector and the distance from your seating area. If you have a screen size needed for 100inch, then it would be better to go for a screen offering a range of 50-120inch because it will cater to your different needs. We would advise not to opt for a small screen size because there are occasions when you would need a large screen.


When it comes to going through the motorized projector screen reviews, you should emphasize the gain of a particular screen. The gain of projector display determines the amount of light the screen will reflect when something is projected on it through the lens. In general, a screen gain of 1.0 is considered the most suitable choice because it depicts that it will reflect all the lights projected on it.

There are some motorized screens that offer better gain than 1.0, and they will be a perfect choice if you want better color, brightness, and clarity. You should avoid going for low gain screens as they won’t give you the visual experience you want.

Viewing Angle

Never compromise on the viewing angle when you are going for a power projection screen because it determines the wideness of the screen’s reflection. A viewing angle between 160 to 170-degree is an ideal choice.

The larger the space and audience, the greater the viewing angle you need from your screen. You should choose the viewing angle depending upon the setup area because it is not always possible you will sit in the middle, or you will watch a movie alone on the screen.


We know finding the best motorized projector screen is hard, but we are hopeful that we have been able to help you out. We have provided a detailed guide and all the required information so that you can buy the best motorized screen possible. The detailed review will give you a proper idea about all the top screens so that you can choose any of them according to your requirement.