Best Projector for iPhone

The Best Projector for iPhone in 2024

Nowadays, iPhones have become a handy device for all sorts of tasks, especially for entertainment. Whether you want to watch movies or enjoy football matches with your family, you can easily do it using the iPhone. However, you won’t have the big-screen experience that every entertainment enthusiast dreams about, especially while you are traveling.

So what can be done? You can’t use your TV every time to have a large screen viewing experience as they are not portable and are pretty heavy. If you ask us for a solution, then we can suggest that purchasing the best projector for iPhone can be a plausible and affordable option.

We are not saying that projectors are a better option than TV for iPhone, but we will say the projector gets the edge if you consider portability and pricing. Even if you decide to get a projector, the plethora of options in the market will leave you puzzled. This is why we have put forward our list of the best projector for the iPhone to save your time.

But before we move on, we would like to present a comparison table where we tried to compare all the products based on their vital features. We hope this table will smoothen your buying process by assisting you in targeting the projectors that suit your requirement.

Best Projector for iPhone: Our Top Picks

  • Display: LCD
  • Resolution: 1080P Supported
  • Connectivity: HDMI,VGA,USB, AV, TF Card, TV BOX
Elephas W13
  • Display: LCD
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Connectivity: VGA, USB, HDMI, AV, TF Card
Vamvo L4200
  • Display: LCD
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, USB
ManyBox W80
  • Display: LED
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, USB
  • Display: LCD
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, USB
DR.J HI-04
  • Display: LCD
  • Resolution: 1080P Supported
  • Connectivity: TV BOX, HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD
  • Display: LCD
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Connectivity: TV BOX, HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD
CiBest W13
  • Display: LED
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB, VGA, MHL
Poyank TP-01
  • Display: LCD
  • Resolution: 1080p Supported
  • Connectivity: Wireless
VicTsing BH400
  • Display: LCD
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, USB

The 10 Best Projectors for iPhone of 2024

1. HOMPOW T20 Smartphone Portable Projector

HOMPOW T20 Smartphone Portable Projector

HOMPOW T20 is a highly rated mini projector for iPhone that can offer big-screen entertainment wherever you go. Compatible with MHL, VGA, USB, and HDMI, you won’t problem connecting your iPhone to the projector, but you will need a dongle for connection. Besides the iPhone, it is compatible with many other devices like PS4, TV Sticks, Notebook, Wii, etc., so you are not limited to one device.

It might not get a high native resolution, but it can support up to full HD and play videos at their optimum quality. More importantly, it also has high brightness and 3000:1 contrast ratio that notches up the overall image quality and elevates your experience. You can notch up the screen from 60inch to 200inches which is more than sufficient for movies, games, and football matches. A big highlight of this device is its mini body and low body weight that made it easy to port to different locations.

The manufacturer has also given a handbag so that you can easily travel with this device and pair it up with your phone whenever you want. It also comes with all the necessary installation facilities like 15-degree keystone correction and facilitates you to set up the projector with ease. Once you get this iPhone mini projector, you can use it for almost a lifetime, and the credit goes to 50000hour of lamp longevity.

What We Liked:

  • The price point makes it totally affordable.
  • Magnificent projector lamp coverage.
  • Entirely easy to carry.
  • It maintains a smooth connection with the iPhone.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • You would need an external speaker.

2. Elephas W13 1080p iPhone Projector

Elephas W13 1080p iPhone Projector

When you talk about the best mini projector for iPhone, one projector that deserves mention is the Elephas W13. You might frown on its 480p native resolution, but it is capable of playing content up to full HD, thus allowing you to enjoy all the latest OTT content. It might come with an affordable price tag, but it doesn’t compromise on visual quality, and 3500:1 contrast with high brightness serves as the proof.

It has the prowess to project images up to 200inches, and you will always get a colorful view with its 24-bit genuine color support. With the latest Wi-Fi connection, this projector makes it easier for you to connect your iPhone without getting involved in the hassle of using a Lightning adapter. The projector also houses HDMI, AV, VGA, USB, SD card, and audio 3.55mm so that you also have the option of exploring contents from other devices.

W13 also comes with an inbuilt HIFI stereo speaker, but for a proper audio experience, it is recommended to get a headphone or external speaker. The longevity of this projector is simply incredible as the 50000hour of lamp life ensures a smooth run for a minimum of 20years with daily usage. We can say you won’t have eye fatigue while projecting from your iPhone, and it is due to the diffused reflection technology it utilizes.

What We Liked:

  • Seamless wireless connectivity.
  • Excellent image quality and clarity.
  • It doesn’t make much noise.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The brightness level could have been better.
  • It doesn’t come with all the portable accessories.

3. Vamvo L4200 3800Lux Portable Mini Projector

Vamvo L4200 3800Lux Portable Mini Projector

Vamvo L4200 is not your average budget projector that delivers a poor output; instead, it is a top-notch movie projector for iPhone whose motto is to offer cinematic visuals. It is one of those budget projectors that combine 720p native resolution and 2000:1 contrast ratio to project an outstanding visual quality. Stay assured that you will get bright and clear visuals whenever you set up because the 3800 Lux assists projector to counter ambient light and maintain optimum vividness.

The exciting part is that it supports up to Full HD so explore most of the OTT contents without worrying about quality deterioration. This iPhone HD projector is meant to offer entertainment on the go, and that is why it comes with the latest top lighting innovation with a 2.75lbs bodyweight. It might be portable, but it can stretch the image size from 49inches to 200inches for the big-screen experience and also cater to a large audience.

With outstanding performance and portability, you will also enjoy colossal durability with its 50000hour lamp that promises to last more than 25years. Besides, you will also have an audio and AV interface to connect to other devices without any issue. Many consider it a highly reliable product because it comes with 2-years warranty coverage and a 3-month replacement or refund policy.

What We Liked:

  • Compact and lightweight body design.
  • Incredible image quality at this budget price.
  • Decent projection size range.
  • It offers good warranty coverage.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It only comes with a fixed zoom.
  • You would need expert assistance for setup.

4. ManyBox W80 LED Portable Video Projector

ManyBox W80 LED Portable Video Projector

When you take a look at ManyBox W80, it might not seem efficient in the first place, but it will change your perception once you start using it. With the ability to produce 70% more than others and support up to full HD resolution, this iPhone video projector can cater to all your entertainment needs wherever you go. It even has a 2000:1 contrast ratio that takes care of the black depth and clarity to give you an excellent visual quality.

The visual quality remains the same between the 36inch and 150inch screen sizes, so you won’t have to compromise on quality while changing the projection size. However, you shouldn’t judge it by its screen size because it is highly compact, and you can easily store it in your backpack without feeling much weight. You can connect a variety of devices to this projector including an iPhone, but you might have to use a converter to hook it to the HDMI port.

You can also use the USB device to hook your iPhone, but then you will have to use an adapter for connection. We can undoubtedly say, once you buy this unit you won’t have to think about lamp replacement and it is due to the 45000hour of lamp longevity. However, you will only get a year of warranty coverage with this device, and we think it is justified for a projector at this price point.

What We Liked:

  • The images are clear and sharp.
  • It doesn’t require a large area for setup.
  • It easily fits in the backpack.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It doesn’t get VGA support.

5. TOPVISION T23 5500Lux 1080p Supported Projector

Top vision T23 5500Lux 1080p Supported Projector

Are you planning for one of the best portable projectors for the iPhone but can’t decide which one to choose? Then go for Topvision T23, which will not only allow you to connect your iPhone but also enjoy a fluidic visual performance. Loaded with HDMI and USB, it lets you hook your iPhone with an adapter and stream all your favorite content on the big screen. The best part is that you can watch all your contents in the 32 to 200inch screen size range and that too without facing pixelation issues.

Unlike others, it won’t annoy you with loud fan noise, and it is due to the advanced cooling system with low-noise fans. With 720p native resolution and 5500 lux brightness, it puts up a superb image quality on the screen, similar to mid-range models. Moreover, it also packs a 5500:1 contrast ratio that ensures crisp images and makes it ideal for entertainment purposes.

Top vision has engineered this iPhone screen projector with five layers of lenses, so you are always treated with the most precise resolution. Remember, it comes with a dual 3-watt speaker that is great for indoors, but you will need an external speaker for proper output for outdoor usage. Correcting any distortion during setup is really with this device as it has a keystone correction and focus ring in its arsenal.

What We Liked:

  • Impressive visual performance with minimal lag.
  • Heavy-duty lamp with colossal longevity.
  • It doesn’t make much annoying fan noise.
  • The overall body size is highly compact and makes it easy to carry

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has limited connectivity options.

6. DR.J Professional HI-04 Mini Portable Movie Projector

DR.J Professional HI-04 Mini Portable Movie Projector

Without a doubt, DR.J Professional HI-04 is the best iPhone projector on this list, and if you go through its thousands of positive reviews, you will know why. The combination of 720p native resolution and 3800:1 delivers an outstanding visual quality that is more than sufficient for indoor and outdoor entertainment. However, it is the five-layer LCD lens and high brightness rating that take the visual performance to the next level by ensuring optimum clarity and vividness.

It is one of those that work with the iPhone flawlessly, and you just have to utilize an adapter to stream all the high-resolution content on the big screen. With that being said, you will only get a maximum screen size of 176inches, and it does the job in all kinds of setup locations. However, it comes with a wide throw distance range of 1.5-5m, meaning you will need significant space for setup.

Connecting iPhone or any smartphone won’t be a problem as it is loaded with HDMI, VGA, and USB that supports all the standard adapters. Whether you want to use it at home or while traveling, you won’t have a problem using it anywhere, and the credit goes to ultra-compact design with portable body weight. Plus, it packs the standard focus and keystone correction so that you can negate any issue during the setup.

What We Liked:

  • It offers bright images in both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Sharp and clear image quality.
  • The cooling system is highly effective.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • You can’t use it for business presentations.
  • The inbuilt audio quality is not up to the mark.

7. QKK QK01 2024 6000Lumens Mini iPhone Projector

QKK QK01 20246000Lumens Mini iPhone Projector

We have the perception that a budget projector can’t offer outstanding performance, but we can surely tell you QKK QK01 shatters the myth. Loaded with a 2000:1 contrast ratio and 6000lumens, you can pretty much set it up anywhere you want and enjoy a sharp image quality. The native HD resolution is a boon to this handheld projector for iPhone as you can explore all your favorite contents without any downgrade.

Say goodbye to all the poor colors you see with other cheap projectors, as it will surprise you with an excellent color depth in all the visuals. Even though it can produce a significant screen experience of up to 176inches, it would require you to maintain a 5m distance from the screen. It facilitates an easy connection with your iPhone, and you just need a lightning to HDMI adapter to stream contents from your smartphone.

Besides, you will also have the support of double USB, AV, VGA, audio, and SD card, meaning you will have different choices to connect to other devices. With a German WTS 2.0 cooling system, it is designed to perform in most conditions and prevent overheating even if you are on a movie marathon. This projector is a wise investment as its 50000hour of lamp longevity ensures a 20year long lifespan without any dimming effect.

What We Liked:

  • Impressive compact design and easy to carry.
  • The overall visual quality is really great.
  • It is loaded with different types of interfaces.
  • Top-notch lamp lifespan without any dimming issue.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The build quality isn’t good.

8. CiBest W13 LED Portable iPhone Projector

CiBest W13 LED Portable iPhone Projector

CiBest W13 is one of those widely popular iPhone projectors that has become a common choice for most iPhone users in the US. Whether you want to enjoy movies in-home or outdoors, its full HD support and 2000:1 contrast ratio will always fulfill your entertainment requirements. Interestingly W13 is 80% brighter than its competitors, thus making sure you get lifelike visuals without getting affected by ambient light.

What’s more? The diffuse reflection technology not only treats you with a softer image but also spares your eye from strain and fatigue. It is loaded with multiple ports like HDMI, VGA, USB, TF card, etc., which helps you to hook it into different devices. Even though it doesn’t serve as a Bluetooth projector for iPhone, you can use an adapter to connect your iPhone through the HDMI port.

The portable design is a significant highlight of this device, and when we kept it in our backpacks, we hardly felt any weight while moving from one room to another. However, it hasn’t compromised on the durability and engineered the LED lamp to last around 50000hours. The built-in speakers were slightly disappointing as they failed to produce the required audio experience when we played a song in an open environment. So you should carry a portable speaker whenever you decide to travel with the projector.

What We Liked:

  • The clarity in the image doesn’t get much affected by ambient light.
  • Lightweight body with streamlined design.
  • Impressive longevity.
  • It prevents any overheating even after long hours.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Poor sound quality.

9. Poyank TP-01 Full HD Supported Mini Wi-Fi Projector

Poyank TP-01 Full HD Supported Mini Wi-Fi Projector

Poyank may not seem like a huge brand, but the TP-01 mini iPhone projector from them has made an enormous name in the industry. Thanks to the Wi-Fi facility, this wireless projector for iPhone allows users to connect their iPhone and project contents on the big screen without any hassle. It even gets HDMI, USB, and VGA support, so you can use an adapter to connect your iPhone using a cable.

The 6000 lumens and 2000:1 may not be an impressive specification, but the final output is really impressive, and the images are stunning. However, the major impact on the visuals made by its 720p native resolution ensures not only enormous detailing but also rich texture. The 32-176inch projection size makes it suitable for all types of setup and allows you to use it everywhere. However, you might face some limitations during the setup as it has a 1.2-5m throw distance range which indicates that you need to maintain a large gap from the screen.

While traveling, you can carry this projector in your backpack, and the lightweight body with compact won’t cause any discomfort. It may get a small body, but the manufacturer hasn’t compromised on the cooling and upgraded it with low-noise fans to ensure a quiet operation. We like the inbuilt stereo speaker with SRS audio, but you shouldn’t rely on it for a good home theater experience.

What We Liked:

  • The Wi-Fi connection is smooth.
  • The images are of high quality.
  • It offers a wide projection size.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It lacks some effective image correction options.
  • The contrast ratio could have been better.

10. VicTsing BH400 Mini Movie Phone Projector

VicTsing BH400 Mini Movie Phone Projector

When we were testing different iPhone pocket projectors, we came across some high-performance models, and one of them is the VicTsing BH400. From the first look, it may look like a standard projector with HDMI, VGA, SD, USB, and AV compatibility for a wired connection to your iPhone. But in reality, it also gears Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and enables you to enjoy wireless streaming from your couch.

The 480p native resolution is relatively low when compared with its competitors, but the full HD resolution support is a savior for most movie enthusiasts. The 4200 lumens of brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio change everything and assist the projector in producing frames with decent vividness and black depth.

Surprisingly, the small body houses a 5-watt speaker, which does a decent job and produces good audio in the small room. While watching a long movie, you won’t have to switch off the projector to cool it down, and the credit goes to the unique cooling system that keeps overheating at bay. The interesting fact about this device is that it only weighs 1.9ounces and fits in most backpacks without occupying much space.

What We Liked:

  • Powerful cooling system.
  • The wireless connection hardly causes any interruption.
  • Crisp and vivid images.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It doesn’t get any inbuilt battery backup.

Despite going through all the iPhone projector reviews, many new users might also fumble with the choices. So we have created a buying guide along with some FAQs that will solve their confusion and help them to choose the right product. It might not have any wireless capability, but the HDMI and USB give you the option to connect your iPhone using an adapter.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Projector For iPhone

Even if you are an experienced projector user of a projector, it is not easy to choose the right unit when it comes to targeting the most excellent projector for iPhone. Projector technology has advanced in many ways, and there are many factors that you need to consider while buying. Here are some of those crucial considerations;

Price Point

The range of projectors that you can pair up with your iPhone is quite huge, and it would be problematic if you don’t set your budget first. Different projectors come in different price categories. A projector is like a year-long investment, so you shouldn’t let go of a high-quality projector if it exceeds your budget. It is not always true that a budget projector won’t offer you excellent image quality. If you research correctly or look at our list, you will find some terrific projectors in the budget range.


It would be frustrating if you plan to buy a projector for a high-definition viewing experience and instead get poor output due to low resolution. The projector’s resolution greatly determines the visual quality, and the higher the resolution, the better the quality. So when you are getting an iPhone-compatible projector, you should always emphasize getting a minimum HD native resolution and preferable full HD as they will ensure excellent output. However, you shouldn’t get confused between supported resolution and native resolution. Many manufacturers advertise their products showing the supported resolution but not the native resolution, which is usually low in most cases.

Brightness and Color Quality

iPhones are known for their displays with crisp color and vividness. So when you connect them to a projector, you would obviously want the same on the big screen. Getting a high resolution won’t be sufficient; you also need to make sure that the projector has adequate lumens and high color accuracy. Color and brightness serve as a pillar for a projector’s output, and if you don’t get the right amount, it will lead to a poor visual experience. The brightness level entirely depends on the area you will set up, but it is always wise to go for a minimum of 1500 ANSI lumens. Similarly, you shouldn’t compromise on the color quality, and it should have a color gamut coverage of 80%.


While you might not get a projector supporting lightning cable, you should have the necessary port for using a converter. Plus, having different connectivity options will let you connect to various other devices. Your projector should have minimum HDMI, USB, VGA, RS232, and audio of 3.5mm for standard connectivity. An HDMI or VGA port will be beneficial for connecting your iPhone as most lightning cable converse comes with HDMI or VGA conversion option. Connecting your iPhone will get more comfortable if your projector has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity because it will spare you the hassle of conversion. Read our guide, “How to Connect Mini LED Projector to iPhone.”

Throw Distance

Well, throw distance might not seem like a vital factor but remember, it decides the amount of space needed for setup. If you plan to set the projector mainly in a small space, then it would be wise to have a projector below a 0.9:1 throw ratio. However, if space is not an issue for you, then you can get even for a projector with a 1.7:1 throw ratio. You should decide the throw distance wisely; otherwise, you would have problems achieving a large screen in a specific area.


When you are getting a projector for your iPhone, there is a high chance that you would carry it to different locations. So you can’t opt for a heavy projector that is difficult to move and is meant for a fixed setup. A portable projector should be compact and lightweight so that you can easily pack it while moving to different locations. Most importantly, it should come with all the required setup features that make them easy to place in different locations. You may also be interested in how to connect other Apple devices such as an iPad to your projector.


Question: Can I Connect An iPhone To a Projector?

Answer: You can comfortably connect an iPhone to a projector, but you will have to use a converter. Most of the projectors in the market don’t come with a dedicated lightning port for supporting Apple devices. You will have to either use a Lighting to HDMI converter or a Lighting to VGA adapter to connect your iPhone to the projector. Nowadays, you also get the option of lighting a USB adapter to plug your iPhone into the projector.

The best part of these converters is that they are available in different price ranges, so you can easily own them according to your budget. However, it is best to stick to high-quality converters as they will ensure lossless video and audio transfer which will help you to view the same visual quality. Moreover, try to stick to top brands as they offer good build quality so that the cable has less wear and tear.

Question: How Do I Connect My iPhone To a Projector Wirelessly?

Answer: Connecting an iPhone to a projector wirelessly is relatively easy, and you just have to utilize the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth facility to achieve it. However, the wireless connectivity entirely depends upon the projector because your projector needs to have wireless compatibility. Either the projector needs to have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for pairing itself with the iPhone for wireless video transmission. However, if your projector doesn’t come with wireless capability, then you can use a wireless dongle for connection.

These wireless dongles are readily available in the market, and they fit into the HDMI or USB port of your projector. Even though it runs on most projectors in the market, some old-generation projectors might not support it. Another way to connect your projector to the iPhone is through Apple, but still, you will need a wireless connection to mirror the content on the big screen.

The Last Words

There are certainly many other iPhone projectors in the market, but we found these top ten models to be the most efficient. We have created this list of the best projector for iPhones after careful assessment and testing so you can entirely rely on these models. Not only do these projectors ensure seamless connectivity to your iPhone, but they also offer excellent portability.

All the units are exceptionally engineered and carry the necessary specifications to offer a great movie session with your family and friends. The best part of these projectors is that they are highly affordable, most of these projectors are under $100. So even if you invest in a high-end iPhone model, you won’t have to worry about budget while purchasing them.