Connecting Projector to Speakers

How to Get Sound from Projector to Speakers

You can’t expect to have a great viewing experience without a good sound quality, and most projectors don’t have powerful speakers. So it becomes essential for users to get an external speaker that they can use to get a terrific audio experience with great visuals. But getting the speaker is not the only solution, and you will have to get the sound from the projector to the speaker. You can get the sound from the projector to the speaker either through cable or wireless medium.

Here we have put together a detailed guide that will help solve your query regarding “how to connect speakers to the projector?”

Connecting Speakers to Projector Using Cables

Projector speaker setup using cable is probably the most straightforward process, although it is slightly time-consuming. The following procedure will help you efficiently complete your setup;

  • First, you need to assess the type of cable you will need for connecting the speaker to the projector and also check whether you need a converter for connecting. In general, most of the speakers come with standard RCA or 3.5mm audio cable for connection, and these cables are supported by all the projectors. However, if you are using a modern projector with a USB connection, then you need to arrange a long cable for the connection.
  • Once you have arranged all the required cables for connection, the first thing you need to do is to turn off both the projector and speaker. Turning off the device will protect you from any accidental electric shock and also save the device from any kind of electric surge. It would be safe to unplug the power cables during the wiring setup because cables often spark when you are about to connect.
  • Now, you need to find the appropriate audio ports on both devices, and it won’t be a problem as ports come with proper markings. However, it would be hard if you have installed the projector on the ceiling.
  • After locating the audio jacks, it is time to hook the cables, and it is advisable to avoid bending while connecting the jacks. Then take one end of the audio cable and connect it to the audio out of your projector while the other end should be hooked to the audio in the port of the speaker. Insert the cables properly as the loose cable will disrupt the overall connection. If you have opted for a ceiling mount, then correctly secure the cables using bids or any other item so that they don’t start dangling from the wall.
  • In this final step, you need to check whether the connection is appropriately done and whether you are getting the required audio. The best way to test is by starting any small music video or part of a movie and check whether the audio is coming out seamlessly or not. Once everything is ready, you can now enjoy great audio from the speaker while watching a movie with your family members.

Now, let’s check out how you can set up wireless speakers for the projector;

Connecting Speaker to Projector Wirelessly

With most of the modern speakers and projectors coming with wireless facilities, it is becoming easier for users to connect them without the hassle of wire seamlessly. The advantage of using Bluetooth for wireless connectivity has many benefits, but you need to know the process of joining them. So we have devised some simple that will help you complete the task;

  • At first, you need to check whether your projector comes with Bluetooth connectivity or not. Not many projector units come with wireless connectivity, and if it is the same with you, then you need to invest in a Bluetooth audio transmitter. Once you have got the Bluetooth device, you need to insert the audio jack of the transmitter to the projector audio out speaker port located at the back of your projector. Your projection audio is now capable of sending all the audio signals to the speaker through Bluetooth.
  • Now, you need to switch the Bluetooth facility of your speaker and put it in the discoverable mode so that you can connect it to the projector. However, if your speaker lacks a Bluetooth facility, then you can buy a cheap Bluetooth audio adapter to accomplish the wireless connection.
  • In this step, use the projector’s Bluetooth discoverable mode to make a connection with the speaker. Before making the connection, make sure both the device is switched on and the Bluetooth is in discoverable mode. Depending upon the Bluetooth range of both the devices, it is best to keep the speaker close to the projector to ensure seamless connectivity. However, if you fail to pair them properly, then go through the instruction in the user’s manual or instructions given with the transmitter.
  • Once both the devices have been paired, you can easily play any kind of sound through the speaker for a great audio experience. However, if you hear any cracking sound or face any malfunction, it is advisable to reset the Bluetooth connection or shut off the Bluetooth and then immediately switch it on. These two processes would solve the issue and ensure a seamless audio transmission.

We hope we have been able to show you how to hook up a speaker to a projector through Bluetooth and solve all your queries. We have kept the process as simple as possible so that you won’t have any confusion during the connection.

Whether you are connecting the projector sound to the speaker through cable or Bluetooth, you need to make sure both are compatible with the connection. Always use a high-quality cable for a wired audio connection as it ensures optimum audio quality, and nothing is lost along the way. The same goes for wireless connectivity and always whether the device is compatible or not.

It would be best to keep the speaker close to the projector; otherwise, you might hear some incoherence in the audio signal. If you have any further queries regarding the connection process, you can write to us, and we will get back to you immediately. Our post on how to connect a projector to a surround sound receiver may also interest you.

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