How To Connect iPad To Projector Wirelessly Without Apple TV

The whole effort to connect iPad to projector wirelessly without Apple TV might have been an inoperable task in the past, but modern technology has made it possible. Nowadays, you can easily connect the iPad to a projector wirelessly and that too without any technical hassle.

There are many ways to hook both the devices wirelessly, and it helps you to avoid all the wiring that comes in the whole process. iPad mirroring and Chromecast is the most prominent way of connecting wirelessly, but there are also other ways. You can also use Airplay to stream various content on the big screen. While you’re wanting to connect your iPad to your projector, it might be useful to look at the best projectors for iPhones.

Connecting iPad to Projector Wirelessly

Whether you want to project content for entertainment or business work, the iPad is a widely used source in many sectors. Generally, people make use of Apple TV while streaming wirelessly, but it makes users go through a lot of technical hassle. So here, we will discuss how to connect iPad Air to the projector wirelessly without requiring assistance from Apple TV. Wireless connection comes really handy when you have limited space in the room or when you don’t want to be involved in a lot of wiring processes you’ll get this feature for projectors under $100.

So let’s start with the process;

Utilizing Mirroring

iPad mirroring is probably the most plausible way to hook an iPad to a projector, and it is used by many users. However, your projector needs to be a modern unit with Wi-Fi compatibility; otherwise, you will have to buy an HDMI Wi-Fi adapter separately. Before you begin the process, make sure both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and are not far from each other.

Having both devices in the same network will help you to mirror all the contents from the iPad to the big screen. Once you have connected both the devices to the same network, it is to open the Airplay, which will help you to connect to the projector. When you open Airplay, it will show the name of the devices residing in the Wi-Fi network.

You just have to select your projector in the Airplay, and you will automatically see your iPad screen on the projector’s display. However, for some reason, if your projector fails to mirror the screen, then check Wi-Fi compatibility and video playback settings. Resetting the Wi-Fi does the trick most of the time, but if it doesn’t, you can restart both devices.

Utilizing Chromecast

Apart from going for the iPad mirroring method, you can also utilize the Google Chromecast to create an iPad projector wireless setup. The whole process is pretty simple with Chromecast, and you can connect the projector with just a few steps.

To begin the process, you have first to download the Chromecast app on your iPad and then let your device configure the app properly. Once the application is ready, it is time to connect the iPad to the Wi-Fi network. After joining the iPad, you will have to hook the projector to the same Wi-Fi as the iPad; otherwise, you won’t be able to create the setup.

The Apple projector for iPad setup should be placed strategically so that it doesn’t fall on the weaker section of the Wi-Fi coverage. When the setup is ready, you just have to connect your device to the projector through Chromecast, and you will be able to stream content wirelessly. Check out our detailed guide on how to connect Chromecast to the projector.

While starting the connecting process, it is better to check the compatibility as some old iPad models might not support this process. Utilizing the Chromecast is a budget-friendly method, and it generally supports connection with most iOS devices. Moreover, the wireless connection stability is also high, and it hardly creates issues by dropping the connection.

Utilizing AirServer

Another efficient method to use an iPad with a projector is to use AirServer and ditch the Apple TV. It is a popular screen mirroring technique that will help you seamlessly stream music, videos, documents, etc., on the big screen. This process will only work if your projector comes with Android OS capability, as you will have to install the AirServer.

In the beginning, you need to download AirServer and install it in the projector as it facilitates the mirroring facility. Now go to your iPad and go for the Airplay service. When you open the AirPlay app, you will find your projector has the AirServer installed in it.

Once you have selected the projector, then switch on the mirroring function from the swipe-up screen, and you will be able to see your iPad’s screen on display. Now you can easily stream all types of content without any difficulty. It is best to stay close to the projector; otherwise, you might see some delay during streaming.